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CigarKings Dunkle Robusto

Our second blend, the "Dunkle Robusto", owes its name to the very dark, natural-fermented

Maduro cover sheet from Nicaragua (Jalapa). The cover leaf exudes a pleasant sweetness and

flavors of chocolate. In the course of smoking, the sweetness of the cover sheet combines with

the aromas of cedar and nuts from the insert. The tobaccos from Indonesia and Nicaragua

used in our "Dunkle Robusto" create an aromatic and rounded blend, which not only convinces

Maduro lovers. This cigar is a perfect treat for a black coffee or a fruity rum.



Nicaragua (Seco, Viso, Ligero)






Nicaragua (Maduro Natural) Jalapa



44 x 5 ⅜

CigarKings Dunkle Robusto
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