CigarKings® Nicaragua Series

Otto Weitzmann by CigarKings

Private brand and blend made by CigarKings®


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CigarKings Events 2020


20   /   08   /   2018

Launch of the CigarKings® Nicaragua Series

CigarKings creative edition

09   /   12   /   2017

Launch of the CigarKings® creative edition

22   /   05   /   2017

Launch of the CigarKings® Dunkle Robusto

09   /   12   /   2016

Launch of the CigarKings® Schöne Robusto

CigarKings Cigar Rights of Europe Bavaria

As Ambassadors for the Cigar Rights in Europe we (CigarKings GmbH) are fighting for our Rights to smoke premium cigars. Not only because we are a cigar company, we fight for it because our passion for cigars brought us friendship, connection to beautiful people and great moments with our friends from all over the world. 

Cigar Rights of Europe e.V. Bavaria

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