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Creative Edition 2021

It's finally here! Our Petit Robusto SG Creative Edition we are very happy to present our new Creative Edition to you. A vitola that is only available (in Germany) in a limited edition of 200 boxes.

CigarKings Creative Edition Petit Robusto Sun Grown Nicaragua
CigarKings Nicaragua Robusto Coronita FT Sun Grown cigar Zigarre Nicaragua
CigarKings Nicaragua

All CigarKings cigars are rolled in the traditional, Entubado style, which means that the filler is rolled entirely by hand and closed with a triple cap. This enhances the smoking experience and allows for more smoke channels. Our Totalmente a mano cigar enhances the flavor with every puff.

CigarKings Distribution

The CigarKings Group is operating with a distribution network in several European countries such like Austria, Estonia, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden. Since 2020 we also have a subsidiary in India.

CigarKings distribution Map

Member of Cigar Rights of Europe e.V.

Bundesverband der Zigarrenindustrie

Member of Bundesverband der Zigarrenindustrie e.V

Foundation of CigarKings GmbH

The King was born. On this day the company CigarKings GmbH was founded by Philipp Kugler and (Tobias Röth retired 2017)